Leslie 3300

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Leslie 3300

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The Leslie 3300 has been designedwith the professional touring musician in mind. This single-channelLeslie features a two-speed horn rotor utilizing our famous Ferro Fluiddriver and a bass rotor with a massive 15ö woofer. The Leslie 3300 ispowered with an ear shattering 300-Watt RMS solid-state amplifier witha vacuum tube preamp. This is the loudest, best sounding portableLeslie ever! Master-volume, bass, mid-range, treble, horn-level andsubwoofer-level controls are provided. Slow and fast speeds, rise andfall-times and even brake time can be adjusted. An 11-pin and 8-pinLeslie socket as well as a ¼ö line input jack are provided. The Leslie3300 can be connected to most electronic organs and keyboards on themarket today. A ¼ö line output jack suitable to drive an externalsubwoofer is also provided.
This Leslie is housed in arugged-built cabinet with a black finish. This will assure that yournew Leslie will survive even brutal road trips. The heavy-duty lockingcasters will make it a snap to transport to your next performance. TheLeslie 3300 has been designed to interface directly with our B-3Portable, Pro XK-System and Hammond's popular XK-1 and XK-3 keyboards.

TypeSingle-Channel Input
Two-speed horn and bass rotorSlow and fast speeds, rise and fall times and brakte time can be adjusted.
AmplifierVacuum tube preamp with ear-shattering 300 RMSWatt solid-state amplifier: 220 RMS Watt bass amplifier and 80 RMS Watttreble amplifier
SpeakersMassive 15" woofer, world-famous Ferro Fluid horn driver
InputsLeslie 11-pin socket, Leslie 8-pin DIN, ¼" line-input jack and ¼" foot-switch jack
Output¼" line-output jack suitable to drive a powered subwoofer
ControlsMaster-volume, bass, mid-range, treble, horn-level and subwoofer-level
Dimensions63cm(W) x 52cm(D) x 89cm(H)
Weight54,5 kg
CabinetRugged-built cabinet with black finish and locking casters
OptionalFoot-switch FS-9H, Leslie 11-pin cable

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