hydroceel humidification stick

Product descriptionA dry atmosphere is enemy number one for all instruments.The Hydroceel Unit is designed especially for mounting inside the instrument. The Hydroceel ensures that the minimum humidity level is attained. To refill the Hydroceel immerse it in water for 10 minutes, then dry the exterior and place it in the brackets provided, having first mounted these inside the instrument. Fill the Hydroceel during the heating season every 3 to 4 weeks. In periods of severe frost every other week. During a very hot summer, the unit should be filled once! We advise you to use a hygrometer as well. By following these simple instructions, the instrument will stay in tune longer. The unit is absolutely leakproof and can be placed on the iron frame at a grand piano. Depending on the local water quality the Hydroceel should be renewed after 10 years at the latest. including mounts 1 pcs available from stock

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